Best Life Skills at G.D Goenka International School

Human life is not about only studying; it has a wider means of approx everything. When parents are choosing us as the Best School in Haryana and enrolling their kid with us, it is our responsibility to perform something that is out of the box. Students are having a high ability to learn and acquiring; being an early stage of life this is a great time to make them experience the best skills. They are soil and we are the potters to mold them accordingly. The perfect shape will help them for lifelong as GDGIS is working for their overall growth. Many times, we often forget to develop other skills over to academics. We understand the fact that a different list should also consider equally and effectively.

In broad terms, life skill refers to every other skill that is needed to be there for life challenges. Any skill that is useful in life is a life skill. Here, at GDGIS, we consider our responsibility for the overall improvement of every student to make them shine in coming life. Along with regular studies, we are focusing on general life skills like tying shoelaces, shaking hands, introducing and many more. Our teaching style making us the Best School in Haryana whose students are the superb professionals in various ways.

We understand this clearly as every student has different potential, and have a separate list of own skills. Considering the most essential life skills, we are progressively raising them. We have designed the overall life skill program in the form of broad general introduction. Here every concept is pointed towards the real-life experiences. These life skills sessions are the sign of the Best School in Haryana.

No definitive list can wrap life skills

A few skills are crucial and along with the same, a few are relatively less important. There is no definition of life skills that must be there in every session. Our constant reviews of students and their performance have marked our presence as the Best School in Haryana as we have created separate life skill sets with spate categories.

Our categorization is based on individual areas of life skills. Firstly, we start with interpersonal skills where effective communication plays a vital role. Decision making and problem-solving is the next area of our life skill session where critical and creative thinking is also embraced. We develop resilience as they can easily cope up from difficult situations. With this, students can develop willpower and ideas to recover.

By teaching new to new life skills to our students, we are developing a better understanding of everything. We are known as the best school in Haryana and in this concern, our life skills sessions are the strong pillars. We are not confining our teaching to academics only; we deliver productive and fulfilling life experiences for our students. Learning can be a lifelong process and actually it is. But it is important to lay the foundation effectively and we are here for this only. We can promise for a quality life to our students with our life skill programs.