Hostel For Boys & Girls

A space were a child is loved and taken care of like a family member. A place created to ensure all the daily needs of a child physically, emotionally and intellectually. A 15 acre lush green, pollution free campus in the lap of nature. The child gets up to a fresh and energetic start. Classes, sports, activities will keep him/her occupied constructively, creatively and effectively. He/She will learn to be an independent individual in performing his daily tasks constructively yet be a team member of the residential inmates. The child in our care will learn to adjust to new situations, people and environment happily, quickly and effectively.

The children in the hostel will be under the care of the Administrator, Warden / Matron, Staff, dorm boys and several house keeping staff under the able guidance of the Principal.


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1. The hostel is air-conditioned, bright and spacious. It provides space for learning activities and relaxing too. The beds are comfortable, clean and well laundered. The maximum sharing is 3(Not Fixed) per room for senior children. Smaller children are preferred in the dormitories where monitoring is more efficient.
2. Every child will be provided with a fresh set of bed linen which will include a mattress, bedsheet, pillow, pillow cover, counter pane, AC quilt/blanket as per the weather.
3. Every child will have a bed, bed side table with a chair, study table with a chair and a cupboard.
4. Study area will be separate and monitored by a teacher.
5. There will be a common room with a TV, TT Table, Pool Table, indoor games, books, magazines and newspapers to read and relax in the evening.
6. There are sufficient toilets and bathing areas to cater to individual needs.
7. RO water is with in reach all through the day.
8. The cafeteria provides tasty and healthy Indian and Continental spreads. The staff of kitchen and cafeteria undergo regular health check ups. Proper hygiene is maintained during cooking and serving. The Principal and Management are also served the same food cooked in the school kitchen. Highest standards of quality checks are maintained during procurement of raw material.
9. The ambience is child friendly and creates positive vibes all around.
10. Medical facilities are at hand. My ailments are treated by the own campus medical personnel. Major complaints are immediately referred to best and nearest hospital. Staff accompanies the child at all times. The parents are informed immediately.
11. Outdoor physical activities are given a major push the child can choose from cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, horse riding, swimming, kabaddi etc. Indoor games pool, table tennis, chess, carom etc. are available.
12. 24 x 7 security is available on campus. Strategically placed cameras monitor movement on campus. Security guards are positioned at the boundaries day and night.
13. 24 x 7 power backup is available.
14. Students will be taken out for outings once a month to multiplexes and malls under the supervision of warden.
15. Birthday celebrations of children having their birthdays in a particular month will be celebrated on the last Saturday of that month.
16. A barber appointed by the school will give a haircut to the inmates of the hostel once every month as per the time table provided.
17. The laundry of the children is monitored by the warden as per the daily schedule provided during the time of admission.

Rules and Regulations

list of schools in sonepat

1. Every child has to adhere strictly to all the rules and regulations laid down by the hostel administration applicable at that particular time.
2. Students have to respect their seniors and authorities at all times.
3. Child are bared from bringing any expensive gadget/ornament from home. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited. If the child is found using a phone without the permission of the school warden it can lead to suspension and confiscation of the phone and will be returned only when the child leaves the school.
4. Bullying and raging of any kind will be strictly dealt with.
5. Participation in/or abetment or raging will lead to cancellation of admission.
6. All material brought from home will be checked and registered.
7. Bringing food material from home is strictly prohibited.
8. The child has to follow the time table as per the school guidelines.
9. Communication with parents will be allowed only through school telephone numbers at specified time and day of the week (prior intimation will be provided to the parents).
10. After vacation the child will report to school latest by the evening (04:00 pm) prior to the day of opening. However if the child can not report back due to unforeseen circumstances the school should be intimated via mail.
11. If parents want the child during school days prior permission has to be taken from the principal.

For detailed information you are requested to visit the campus and clear your doubts.

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